Ajax post request download file

11 Feb 2019 How to download files like PDFs, XLS, and other provided by an API with an AJAX request Although, “hacky” implementations was how we got AJAX in the first place, method = post and payload, add it to the fetch request Create a simple XMLHttpRequest, and retrieve data from a TXT file Create a XMLHttpRequest with a callback function, and retrieve data from a TXT file. How to perform an Ajax POST request without jQuery using just plain JavaScript and the XMLHttpRequest The download file includes a working example. Brython · Console · Editor · Demo · Gallery · Documentation · Download This module allows running Ajax requests. It defines a single class : Ajax() method is the HTTP method used for the request (usually GET or POST), send files, you need to pass a dictionary with one of the keys a File object, e.g. provided you have  27 Jul 2019 vue js axios download file, laravel vue download file example, vue axios do it using axios js. we can also use get or post request for download file